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  • Sage -  Sage sticks is sacred native herb is used for fragrance and purification.
  • Licorice Chew Stick - 100% natural distilled peppermint flavor. Chewing on the sticks keeps the gums healthy and strong, while freshening your breath. Chew sticks are also famous as a way to quit smoking. These chew sticks are cut from the licorice bush.(2 per bag)
  • Desert Sage Incense - is the fragrance of wild herbal sage plants growing under the Southwestern desert sun.(12 incense in each pack
  • Lavender Incenseis the sublime fragrance of fresh lavender flowers(12 incense in each pack)
  • Patchouli IncenseThe fragrance is earthy, exotic, and mysterious. It became incredibly popular during the days of Peace and Love in the 60's and 70's. There is still a huge following of people who love this fragrance, and it always sells very very well.(12 incense in each pack)
  • Frankincense Incenseis a classic aroma that has been prized for centuries. The fragrance is warm, fresh, sweet, and woody.(12 incense in each pack)
  • Castor Oil Eyelash Treatment Want to get ultra long, healthy eyelashes while you sleep? Give Jamaican black castor oil a try. Used for centuries in Jamaica to increase hair, eyelash, and eyebrow growth. All you have to do is apply the oil to your lashes before bed using the handy mascara wand. While you sleep the oil will coat the eyelash shaft and smooth out the cuticle layer, creating healthier, stronger, longer lashes.(100% Natural- This oil varies slightly from black to brown depending on the color of the beans used, on when it was made.)